Ever since the earliest human beings looked up to the skies, we have yearned to fly.

Whether it was soaring in the clouds or breaking free of gravity to venture beyond our home planet, this primal instinct has driven humanity to push itself forward, upward, and onward.

For a number of reasons, this has proven to be one of our species’ greatest challenges. And yet it also presents some of the greatest opportunities for better understanding our role in the universe and for developing the capabilities that will ultimately help solve many of our world’s lingering problems.

We are currently witnessing a global seismic shift in the exponential growth of the aerospace industry. It is truly an exciting time. And an ideal time to invest in aerospace ventures.

Fortivo’s primary experience falls into three general market segments:

Satellites: AprizeSat3 (SpaceQuest)

Satellite-Based Ventures

The satellite industry has existed for decades and is absolutely massive, with several trillion dollars per year generated worldwide across government and commercial markets. This field is currently experiencing remarkable growth, especially in certain fields:

  • Small Satellite Development
  • Earth Imaging & Communication Services
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis

Aircraft: S-512 (Spike Aerospace)

Next-Generation Aircraft

A century after the advent of powered flight, modern engineers and entrepreneurs are still developing new ways to fly. In the past few years, many unique ventures have emerged to disrupt existing markets and create new ones, including:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAVs” or “Drones”)
  • Supersonic Commercial Jets
  • Specialty Airplanes (Light Sport Aircraft, Hybrid/Conversion Vehicles)

Launch: Lynx (XCOR Aerospace)

Sub-Orbital / Orbital Launch

Since Sputnik 1 and Yuri Gagarin first flew into space in 1957 and 1961, respectively, humans have been launching cargo and personnel into orbit and beyond. Today there is a global movement to build upon that strong foundation with new ventures in:

  • Launch Services
  • Rocket, Spacecraft, & Components
  • Space Tourism