Our oceans cover 71% of the planet’s surface and account for 90% of the habitable environment. And yet we have mapped less than 5% of the ocean floor and explored less than 1% of its volume.

As the saying goes, “In many ways, we know more about Mars than we know about our own oceans.”

The oceans supply up to 80% of the world’s oxygen, play a critical role in our climate and weather patterns, and contain up to 50% of the world’s animal species. They are a global source of food and energy, a interconnected route for trade and communications, and a vast underwater region filled with huge potential natural resources.

A combination of private enterprises, commercial ventures, and government programs are powering a revolution in the exploration, research, and commercialization of the world’s oceans. The pace of this growth is staggering, and it is accelerating.

Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard waving from Trieste conning tower 1960

Fortivo’s primary experience falls into three general market segments:

US Navy F6F Hellcat

Exploration: Grumman F6F Hellcat (OceanGate, Inc.)

Ocean Exploration

One popular definition of “exploration” is the “act of traveling into an unfamiliar area, usually at significant risk, for the purpose of scientific discovery.” Fueled by a number of converging global macro-trends, many believe that we are on the cusp of a new Golden Age of Exploration, with ongoing breakthroughs in critical areas like:

  • Expedition Planning & Operations
  • Expedition Financing
  • Technology Assessment & Development
  • Entertainment & Education
Necker Nymph Submersible

Submersibles: Necker Nymph (Virgin Limited) aka Merlin (DeepFlight)

Manned Submersibles

Although underwater vehicles designed to carry human occupants have existed for centuries, the popular use of non-military submersibles declined in the later part of the 20th century as robotic unmanned systems took hold. However, the ocean community is increasingly realizing that manned submersibles play a unique role in the deep sea ecosystem, especially in:

  • Exploration & Research
  • Film-Making / Media / Storytelling
  • Education
  • Tourism
Open ROV

Systems: ROV Kit (OpenROV)

Integrated Systems

Ocean projects can become extremely complex, even those that are modertately-sized. There is a growing movement toward integrating multiple systems, teams, and technologies in a variety of unique combinations, including:

  • Manned / Unmanned / Stationary Assets
  • Air / Surface / Underwater Assets
  • Public / Private Partnerships
  • Multi-Party / Multi-National / Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations