We are serial entrepreneurs committed to developing ventures that tackle some of humanity’s greatest challenges. We are extremely proud of these high-growth companies and nonprofit organizations, because they have done — and continue to do — amazing work to help change the course of human history.

Active Ventures

Ansible SCS logo
Ansible Space Communications Systems

Founded: 2014

Status: Merged with RBC Signals (2015) and Jointly Operated by Fortivo

Ansible will be the world’s leading provider of space communications technologies and services for operators of small satellites. Its initial offering will launch in Q1 2016.

Blue Marble Exploration logo
Blue Marble Exploration

Founded: 2013

Status: Operated by Fortivo

BME organizes high-profile expeditions to promote human exploration of extreme environments, including oceans, polar, high altitude, and space. It pushes the limits of technology, science, and human endurance to raise awareness of Planet Earth (our "Blue Marble").

Active Holdings

ispaces logo

Founded: 2009

Status: Independently Operated

iSpaces is a cloud computing venture providing technology products, services, and platforms for developers building next-generation multi-device application ecosystems.

OceanGate Inc logo
OceanGate Inc.

Founded: 2009

Status: Independently Operated

OceanGate provides subsea manned submersible solutions for commercial, research, and military applications. Its solutions are designed for five principal markets: commercial, defense and government agencies, research and academic, media and entertainment, and nonprofit and non-government organizations.

Active Nonprofits

oceangate foundation logo
OceanGate Foundation

Founded: 2010

Status: Independently Operated

OceanGate Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded to promote humanity's understanding of the world's oceans. Its vision is to improve the future of the oceans by expanding our collective knowledge of the marine environment thus helping people make more informed decisions about its use and preservation.


IASE logo

Founded: 2003

Status: Transferred to Space Frontier Foundation (2010)

IASE was initially founded as a 501(c)(6) association to support the commercial development of space. It grew into an online global community of 2,500+ entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists seeking to create new space-related ventures. The site was shuttered in 2014.

milo.com logo

Founded: 1998

Status: Acquired by Voxeo (2001)

Milo was a technology development firm specializing in speech recognition applications connecting telephone systems with Web-based back-end platforms. After its acquisition, it became the Voxeo Professional Services Group. Voxeo was acquired by Aspect Software in 2013.

sea-space initiative logo
Sea-Space Initiative

Founded: 2011

Status: Transferred to Exploration Institute (2015)

The Sea-Space Initiative, a global project of the 501(c)(3) Opus Novum Foundation, was created to promote the synergies between the worlds of “outer” and “inner” space. The team organized a global series of workshops for thought leaders in a variety of ocean- and space-related fields and industries. After 2015, these workshops were transitioned to the Exploration Summit event series.

Space Angels Network logo
Space Angels Network

Founded: 2006

Status: Acquired by Planetary Holdings (2010)

Space Angels Network was created to connect investors with entrepreneurs through a global network to encourage private investment in aerospace and aviation startups. It remains the only global network that brings these two critical communities together in the aerospace industry.